Unprojected Spresent Success

If this header doesn’t make a lot of success maybe it is because of the joyous creative subversiveness that this Web 2.0 environment enables. Paul in gloriously sunny Wales, (now is this post of Paul’s a huge argument for believing that global warming is here now :), (actually when I travelled into Wales a few years back it was sunny, for ten minutes or so :), but I digress. Paul tells of the work of Chris H and his students who have engaged in what might well be the first of a deluge of unprojects.

The unproject project has arisen from the expressed desire of Chris to keep

“… teaching interesting for students and allow them to be the engine that drives the learning environment…” 

In a reflection on the project he gives some idea of the drivers behind it and how itworked
“The unproject was an assignment that had little structure. Most if not all of the work was done at home by groups of students. They used the knowledge of Web 2.0 applications to create a finished work that explained FRACTIONS. As with most projects some kids fly and some never get off the ground. This project offered those who just wanted to “taxi on the runway” or those who want to fly opportunities for success. This is a great enrichment activity for students. I hoped to not limit the creativity of students.”

He goes on to say “I think I succeeded.”

Check out the results of the unproject at the SP8-16 (2006) MATH BLOG and I am sure that like me you will agree that Chris has more than succeeded. One of the more interesting tools, (amongst a veritable treasure trove that Chris and his students have rummaged through is Spresent, a “free Web-based presentations application built with Flash.”

Once you have signed on at Spresent you can make and modify Flash presentation such as Charmaine’s and Julie’s fraction work for inclusion in your blog or other presentation format. I can’t wait to show this one of to our students to see what they can make of it, (I will have to have a dabble too I guess).

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2 Responses to Unprojected Spresent Success

  1. Definitely less than 6 degrees of separation in the blogosphere. Chris Harbeck is a virtual colleague of mine from the K12 Online Conference and even gave me the heads-up about Spresent an hour or so before he posted. I think that Canada seems to be leading the way with innovative Web 2 teachers – Clarence Fisher, Kathy Cassidy, Darren Kuropatwa and now you can add Chris Harbeck to the list.

  2. I am always amazed and wowed by what students are willing to produce if they are interested in what they are creating. Give them an open topic and just a few rules and most participate. Regular students do more than they usually would, and your best students are allowed to shoot for the stars. Thanks for noticing their work. You can find all the classes work at spfractions.wikispaces.com. They used movies, the Sims, sang songs and just made wiki’s to explain what they know about fractions.

    I’ll definitely do a project like this again.

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