Watch Out The Videos Catching

Prompted by a number of posts, including from Graham Wegner and Vicki Davis. Graham, refers to the “Machine Is Using Us” video (that I among an increasing number of bloggers, blogged on the other day). Along the way Graham also pointed to 2 other really interesting videos. One is the revised look into the future of a web that knows what you are looking for before you do in EPIC 2015. This video itself a revision of an earlier version, was the subject of a Poynter Online interview with the authors, Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson, back in 2005. The other video is one from Karl Fisch titled Did You Know?

Karl also has also authored another very video that he made for a staff development session, (breathtaking preparation for such a session), titled 2020 Vision, (nice title too :)).

Via Vicki Davis comes a link to another really interesting take on the here and now and the future titled Connected Classroom from YouTube user Khokason. “The video was created as an introduction for a presentation at PETE&C. The session was designed to show teachers how to connect their classrooms to the world of information.”

A really fantastic video presentation, not only because of the heart warming nature of the story behind it comes from Brian Crosby’s Learning is Messy Blog and is titled If a pictures worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth?. This great video in which fourth graders tell the story of how they “Skype” a classmate that has leukemia is not only a great example of how this technology can make links that previously have been impossible. At the same time it offers those teachers who are yet to dabble into the area of Skype calls using interactive whiteboards a fabulous insight as narrated by the students themselves

Another really interesting presentation though with a completely different focus comes from and looks at how the new Intel nanometer processors are being made.

Interesting stuff indeed.

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