Grade 3-4’s easily use wikis

I should have posted this link as soon as I started this blog as it shows that 9-10 year old students can easily get into wikis and use them effectively as in the MiddleJ Minibeasts wiki that my grade 3/4’s at school expreimented with during the last term last year. The most interesting factor was that, (admittedly after some encouragement), a number of the students actually took up the challenge of adding to and mosifying the wiki out of school time from their home computers. To me this is on of the ultimate uses of the wiki, to breakdown the classroom learning barrier and make greater connections between what is happening at school and what is happening out of class.

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4 Responses to Grade 3-4’s easily use wikis

  1. Vicki Davis says:

    I have some questions. I’m writing about what you’ve done. Here they are!

    * I like the sidebar on the right that shows the outline of the wiki. I’m not sure if this is automatic or something you have to do.
    * I like the use of photos that the students took. I wonder how independently they were able to snap photos and upload?
    * I like the joint project they did for Christmas with a school from Ireland. How exciting! (I wonder if Ewan was involved? His hands are everywhere!) How did you set it up? How did you quantify the product?

    I want to know more! Will you e-mail me? Or I’ll check here later!

  2. D. Parker says:

    What lesson themes can teachers use with wikis? I am new to this technology. I want to know more. You can email me or I will check this website, later.

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