Drones In The Classroom

Another session that I presented at Digicon 2018 was one looking at drones in the classroom. Much of the content related to regulations relates to schools in Victoria, Australia so you may need to check on local regulations if you live elsewhere. The embedded slides are set to auto advance after 10 seconds. The direct URL for the presentation is http://bit.ly/classroom_droning

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Creative Corner

It’s been a case of long time no post however I have just attended the 2018 Digicon at ACU where I shared my updated collection of Digital Toys and things. Here are the slides which list them all.

(Note the slides auto advance after 10 seconds. The direct URL for the presentation is http://bit.ly/Create_Digicon_2018

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Family Science

A number of years ago colleagues at a couple of schools that I taught in were interested enough in science to want to promote it to our parent bodies. An upshot of this was a series of after school events under the heading of Family Science. These evenings involved a student with one of their parents coming up to school to partake in some science based activities in a structured format. I’ve recently re-visited this idea in a presentation I did at the SASTA conference. The following are the slides I used in the presentation.

The slides contain an outline and rationale for the way we ran our Family Science events, (note there are a number of possible models of which ours is but one). The slides also contain some of the starter activities that we used as well as the link to a Google Doc which shares some of the more extended activities, (note if I get the time I will add to these).

Please feel free to download a copy of the slides.

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Searching Better With Google

As I’m back at work as a casual academic, (very casual some might say), I’ve had cause to revisit the world of Google Search via the Search Tools and Advanced Search options in the main Google Search as well as via the Google Scholar Search option. Rather than just share the movies with my students I thought that I should also add them to this blog, so here they are:

A Quick Look At Google Search Options 2016 

A Quick Look At Google Scholar

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Penning in 3D

Some time back I noticed the 3Doodler Pen via Kickstarter and as I had long hankered after a 3D construction option but lacked the funds to purchase a full-on 3D printer this seemed a cost effective entree to the field so I of course backed the project. Since that time there have been a number of developments in the 3D pen arena including upgrades to the 3Doodler as well as other entrants in the field, (notable is the 3DSimo which is another kickstarted option which I have backed). To give you a feel for the options available have a look through this video from Chop Busters which explores their “Top 5 3D Pen” options.

Of late another 3D technology option has reached the market in the form of soft plastic gel pens that can be cured and hardened with the use of small Ultra-violet lights. The most available of these in Australia is the IDo3D pen, which can be purchased from K-Mart in a number of different size packs.

Creative World, (who has developed a number of YouTube movies related to creating with 3D pens), has shared IDo3D Pen Unboxing + Review + Demo

Another option that doesn’t yet appear to have reached the Australian market is the 3D Magic Maker as featured on the MommyandGracie review.

Watch this space.

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Can I Tickle Your Fancy

This last weekend I got to attend and join in with yet another of the great TeachMeet Melbourne events. Amongst a range of presentations, a special shoutout is due to Roland Gesthuizen for his hugely funny retrospective on how he ‘travelled to Mars’ When Bill Called and also Tamryn Kingsley who presented for the first time at a TeachMeet sharing the fabulous work her grade 2 students are doing with Digital Curriculum and in particular Dash, Dot, Bee Bot and the Blue Bot!

In my case I got to share some explorations with the Tickle app and using it with devices including Sphero, Dash and Dot, LightBlue Bean and a Parrot Rolling Spider minidrone. Here are the slides:

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38 Reasons Why Every Educator Needs an iPad Pro

Since its five years of inception, iPad has truly transformed the way we create, the way we learn, and the way we work. And the all new iPad Pro is all set to take the create-work-learn paradigm to an all new level.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.assignmenthelp.net

Though this review is arguably a little partisan as it is written by an avowed “big fan of the iPad”, it is nonetheless a quite comprehensive overview of the key new features of the iPad Pro. As such it is well worth a read.

See on Scoop.itmrpbps iDevices

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Cell Phone Parenting Advice | Common Sense Media

Watch videos on cell phone parenting. Get expert advice from Common Sense Media editors.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.commonsensemedia.org

This page from the huge resource that is Common Sense Media contains a number of short videos which explore the allure of and downsides of using a range of popular phone apps including Kik, Snapchat, Vine and more. You will also find some Parenting Advice links as well, (plus much more if you explore the whole Common Sense Media site).

See on Scoop.itmrpbps iDevices

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iPad Monthly | professional development | teachers | ipads | resource

The home page of the ipad monthly newsletter.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.ipadmonthly.com

The iPad Monthly is a relatively new, (they are five issues in) Professional Development Newsletter created and distributed under the aegis of Paul Hamilton who has been doing great work in the use of iPads in the classroom. Paul’s work is always grounded in classroom practice and one of the great inclusions within the posts in the iPad monthly are links to the Australian Curriculum. At $50 Australian for a 12 monthly subscription it is certainly very cost effective PD. For further information check out the free sample Issue One.

See on Scoop.itmrpbps iDevices

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Do You Need To Get Smarter With Your Data, The ACCC Thinks You Do

Identity theft is an often ignored downside of our highly connected world. One recent report found that

“…… identity crime is one of the most common crime types in Australia, affecting between 750 000 to 900 000 people each year, with an estimated annual cost of at least $1.6 billion.”

It is little wonder then that the ACCC is concerned with the impact on our economy quite apart from any social and other cost. In order to alert consumers as to the risks we run when sharing data they in association with the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce have commissioned this movie.

If you wish to find out a little more about identity theft and what you can do to mitigate the risks associated with. the Australian Federal Police provides some sage advice.

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