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See on Scoop.itmrpbps iDevices

Experience the App Store and iTunes Anywhere

John Pearce‘s insight:

We all know that searching the iTunes Store is often not as easy as it might be. Fnd is another way to search the iTunes Store. 

See on fnd.io

The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain

See on Scoop.itmrpbps iDevices

“I worked on the Genius Bar for almost two years, and the most difficult issue to solve was short battery life. It was extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why someone’s battery was draining.


I made it my mission to discover the specific reasons for iOS battery drainage. This article is a product of my years of research and anecdotal evidence I gathered in the hundreds of Genius Bar appointments I took during my time as a Genius and iOS technician, as well as testing on my personal devices and the devices of my friends.”

John Pearce‘s insight:

This is a potentially really useful list of tips for managing your iOS battery.

See on www.overthought.org

IFTTT Comes To The iPad With Recipe Collections, iOS Notifications, & Photo Triggers

See on Scoop.itmrpbps iDevices

If This Then That is already the best no-frills way to automate some part of your online life. Now, you can automate a few things on the iPad with the newly launched IFTTT iPad app. The iPad version joins the already existing IFTTT iPhone app launched last year, and brings some new features – new…

John Pearce‘s insight:

IFTTT is a great way to aggregate and/or disseminate content which computer users have been using for some time. It’s great therefore to have the capability to construct ‘recipes’ on your iPad. Even better this app leverages the unique features of your iPad.

See on www.makeuseof.com

Quitting Apps in iOS Can Actually Worsen Battery Life

See on Scoop.itmrpbps iDevices

It’s long been prescribed that when your iPhone’s battery is running poorly that you close out all the running apps to help preserve battery life (we’ve mentioned it before). That makes sense if you’re using a computer, but as writer (and former Genius Bar technician) Scotty Loveless points out, that’s simply not the case in iOS.

John Pearce‘s insight:

Interesting though I’m not all that sure that the difference in battery usage over a day would be all that critical, it’s a bit like the discussion surrounding turning off or leaving on fluorescent lights.

See on lifehacker.com

Ipad Educators

See on Scoop.itmrpbps iDevices

Feature articles, app reviews, curriculum app guides and unique interviews with educators and app developers.

John Pearce‘s insight:

This looks to be a pretty useful addition to the iPad Ed ecosystem. I particularly like that the reviews are rated and that the reviewers don’t pull punches.

See on www.ipadeducators.com

This Little-Known iOS Feature Will Change the Way We Connect | Gadget Lab | WIRED

See on Scoop.itmrpbps iDevices

A new iOS app called FireChat is blowing up in the App Store. But it’s not the app itself that’s causing such a stir; it’s the underlying networking technology it taps into.

John Pearce‘s insight:

This is a fascinating story on so many levels. Once again it points out the problematic nature of working with highly disruptive technology in education, or for that matter business settings. It also suggest possible ways in which even the internet as we know it may become redundant morphing into "mesh networking". Exciting times.

See on www.wired.com

Making Math Thinking Visible with iPads

See on Scoop.itmrpbps iDevices

Making Math Thinking Visible with iPads

My students create many different artifacts, but the most meaningful are those in which my students show their learning and their thinking in ways that are far beyond what a worksheet could do.  When they make a video or screencast of what they have learned, I can hear and see their thinking. I can also hear confidence or hesitation, self-corrections or errors in perception. Consider these math examples produced by my students.”


John Pearce‘s insight:

Simple, clear examples of how iDevices can be used by students to demonstrate learning, (there’s nothing better that giving students voice).

See on kathycassidy.com


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