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How to use Siri for iPhone and iPad: The ultimate guide

Everything you need to know about setting up and using Siri on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad! Siri is the name of Apple’s personal digital assistant. It’s basically voice control that talks back to you, that understands relationships and context, and with a personality straight out of Pixar. Ask Siri questions, or ask Siri to do things for you, just like you would ask a real…

Source: www.imore.com

Like lots of manuals or Ultimate Lists, there’s arguably way too much information in this guide which means that there is a lot of redundancy in this post. Nonetheless it does have a useful lists of contents so if you get the time to check through it this article could be a useful reference, (at least until the next iOS update).

Do Teachers Need iPad Training? – Edudemic

We have come to a point in the education technology journey where it seems rather dull to still be asking if the iPad is the right device for the classroom. The answer, in case you’ve missed the last few years of debate is that it is a great option, but this is not universally accepted …

Source: www.edudemic.com

This article makes the oft acknowledged, (but too rarely acted upon), need for teacher professional development when looking to integrate technology in the classroom. Better still it makes the point that such PD needs to be personalised and enabled over an extended period of time rather than the one-off catch-all too often provided.

21 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

Be an iPhone ninja with these 21 awesome tricks

Source: aplus.com

Unlike most lists, this one contains quite a few tips that I didn’t know about though the challenge again is to see which ones I remember and which become embedded into my normal practice.

iPads, Games and BYOD

After a successful iPad trial at school last year, the teachers all agreed it was working really well.  So this year we asked our year 5 and 6 students to bring an iPad to school and I’ve been work…

Source: chrisbetcher.com

Chris Betcher has written a great reflective post on how iPads have been introduced and used at his school. Unlike many other similar posts Chris focusses on the creative aspect of their implementation. It’s also interesting to read about the place that games play in this and how the school deals with the issues around this. I particularly like the advice to parents “it’s your house, your child, your iPad, your rules” and that where app discovery goes, "the students are taking the lead here and discovering useful tools that we teachers may not. 

Loopy, the live looper app for iPhone and iPad

Loopy, the sophisticated, tactile live looper app that reinvents iPhone and iPad music making. Layer up to 12 loops with overdub, stereo, count-in, variable tempo, import/export, and full MIDI clock and control support.

Source: loopyapp.com

Having heard the Melbourne based developer of the Loopy app interviewed on local 774 radio https://soundcloud.com/774-abc-melbourne/loopy-the-tonight-show-performance&nbsp and checking the YouTube link from the Jimmy Fallon Show featuring Billy Joel and the Loopy App, (and especially as the HD iPad app is on sale for half price), I just had to grab a copy. After a quick play I can see that I am going to be “wasting” a lot of time “going loopy”. This is a must have app for anyone musically inclined and I can see it really taking off in classrooms.

Running Record Calculator | Stopwatch Recorder

Get Running Record Calculator | Stopwatch Recorder on the App Store. See screenshots and ratings, and read customer reviews.

Source: itunes.apple.com

As a Reading Recovery teacher in a former life this app is more than a substitution for the pencil and paper iteration. On a quick tryout it seemed to do what it claims with a minimum of fuss. Of course it would be better if the multiple records could be stored and further codified. The developers have thought of this and actually offer this capability in another pay-for app in Levelbook | Running Record Stopwatch Calculator Grade Book, which contains the Stopwatch Recorder app. The latter costs $6.49 in the Australian app store.

Printeer – a 3D printer for kids & schools

Design and 3D print your own creations using an iPad. A delightful 3D printing experience for children and K-12 education.

Source: www.kickstarter.com

There are a steadily increasing number of 3D printers coming onto the market and it is really hard to keep up with the way they are developing. The Printeer stands out for a couple of reasons, one because of the student centred design, two because of the integration with iPads and thirdly because according to the developers users don’t need to know or use CAD design programs or the like. Exciting stuff. 


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